Sunday, August 12, 2007

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readSimple - Getting to Know the Bible

I so appreciate the Bible. It is a book that has survived bans, burns and banishments... it has continued to thrive as the world's best selling book in spite of extreme scrutiny, judement and attempts to discredit... and yet... it sits on shelves and in the back seats of many believers' cars... unread and unheeded.

Okay, I'm not trying to make you feel bad, I just want you to understand what an amazing book you, as a follower of Jesus, have in your possession. It consists of 66 books written by over 40 authors in multiple languages over thousands of years and yet maintains consistency and integrity concerning the plan of God for His creation.

Difficult to understand? It can be, yet it's worth the effort to dig in and study. It speaks to all of life's issues, not always in specifics, but definitely in principle.

Translations? Take your pick, there are more than I can count at this time. I prefer a combination of the New American Standard (more literal and accurate) and the New Living Translation (more casual and narrative in it's style).

Why am I telling you this? Because if you don't get into God's Word, then God's Word cannot get into you and like I always say, "No Word, No Power! No Word, No Victory! No Word, No Life!"

Another amazing thing about reading the Bible, is that you are not reading it alone! The Apple Store has the "MacGenuis." These are people who know Mac computers backwards and forwards and can take complex procedures and break them down for those who have made the switch from PC to Mac.

As a Christ Follower, you have the Holy Spirit of God to assist you in reading and understanding the Bible. It's like having Steve Jobs in your living room while you're unpacking your new MacBook! "Hey Steve? Why did you put the x button in the left corner instead of the right? What are these Widgets all about?" Because it was his idea, he can tell you exactly why he built it that way.

It's the same way with the Bible... because it was God's idea, He can tell you exactly why it says what it says! There's nothing like having the author of book living inside of you to help you understand the book! LOL!

So what? Read it. Saturate in it. Ask God to help you understand it and then do what it says! Maybe it's time to fish that Bible out of the back floorboard of your car and sit down with a triple grande, non-fat vanilla latte and dive back in to God's Word for you... and remember to keep it Simple.

Reading Simple,

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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Doing Way Better!

I really hung my heart out there on that last blog... depressing to read! LOL! I'm doing much much better. The biggest difference?... a couple of good night's sleep. That's it mostly... it's amazing that sometimes the most spiritual thing you can do is sleep!

I also realized I had been listening to some music that was causing me to "go inside" way too much! The last place I need to be gazing is inside of me... no, I tend to function much better when my gaze is on God. If I look inside for too long all I begin to see is me... a dangerous situation!

Solution? I put on some Daughtery and rocked out for a couple of days... ahhh... much better!


Monday, August 06, 2007

I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For

I woke up early this morning. Partly because my neck was hurting and partly because my mind was running. I do this fairly often. At 45 you begin wondering, "Have I really accomplished anything of significance? Have I made a difference in this world? Am I considered successful?"

I suppose many of these kinds of questions can be attributed to the natural developmental stages of any individual. Perhaps I'm more "normal" and prone to typical human patterns of behavior than I would like to admit.

There was a song running through my mind at about 3:45am. It was a line from a song by U2 that says, "But I still haven't found what I'm looking for." Obviously this begs the question, "So, Pruitt, what are you looking for?" The answer is fairly obvious, "If I knew what I was looking for I wouldnt' be asking the question!" Okay, that made me laugh!

To be really honest, simplistic and trite answers aren't cutting it for me these days. No, something deeper is nagging at me. It's a sense that time is running out. For the first time in my life I don't feel like I have my whole life in front of me. It's a sobering thought and an usettling feeling.

Time to pray.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

On a More Personal Note

On a More Personal Note

I've been in a lot of pain lately. I have had chronic neck and headaches for about 20+ years. I've managed it, lived with it, medicated it, cried over it and prayed about it. I recently went to my doctor and told him about the situation and he had x-rays taken of my neck and shoulder area. He came back saying I have athritus in my neck due to football injuries in high school and a college swimming accident. Great.

Over the last few days it's been raining, cloudy and extremely humid... thank God for the rain, but the headaches and neckaches are almost unbearable. Why am I writing this... just to whine I suppose or perhaps someone somewhere will read this and breathe my name before Abba Father just one more time.

It Just Works!

I love this ad slogan from Apple. Steve Jobs and his genius marketing gurus have tapped into a nerve in our culture. They realize that people are tired, stressed and overloaded. So, they have brilliantly marketed the concept of "Simple." They have taken what has for years been a major source of stress and fear to the general public, i.e. computers, and have alleviated the "fear factor" of not knowing how to operate a complicated computer program. How did they do this? They simplified the process. Just plug in a Mac right out of the box and "presto!" It just works!

When it comes to life and faith, things can get complicated pretty quick! We become overloaded, overstressed and overwhelmed! It feels like we are in the Hitchcock movie "Vertigo." We can't tell which way is up... we've lost our point of reference. Frankly, we need help!

God's word, the bible, has much to say about overload, stress and busyness in general. One such passage reminds me of Apple's motto, "It just works." It's found in the book of Hebrews chapter 4 verse 12, it says, "For the word of God is alive and powerful, sharper than the sharpest two-edged sword." It has that ring of "It just works!" I love it! Nothing complicated, no periherals or add ons necessary... the Word of God "just works!"

Let's take a hint from Apple. Let's simplify our faith and get back to the simple things that just work. Start today with the word of God... keep it simple and basic. Pray today, but I'm not talking about deep and ethereal, I mean just talk to God, like He's real and like He's right there with you... (smiling).

Spend some time journaling your thoughts and feelings. Document your walk with Jesus and keep it simple. De-clutter your faith. Delete those unecessary "trial programs" that came with the package when you were born and simplify.

Keeping it Simple,
Pastor Jimmy
MSCC Abilene
Loving God, Loving People, Loving the World

Monday, July 23, 2007

The Value of Staying Behind

Larry Bird of the Boston Celtics was not the fastest, the tallest or the most coordinated player on a basketball court, but for years this "white man who couldn't jump" dominated the game all because he knew the value of staying behind.

You see when the rest of the players would head in to the locker room after yet another long boring practice session, Bird would stay behind and shoot another 3,000 shots in order to perfect his craft.

Tiger Woods will go down in golf history as the greatest player who ever picked up a golf club all because he understood the value of staying behind.

You see when all the other boys were out on in the neighborhood riding bikes and chasing girls, Tiger was out on the driving range hitting thousands of balls with his dad. Staying behind has payed off for Tiger Woods. He's now a household name.

There was also a biblical character who became a household name in the shadow of the man whom he served. Joshua also understood the value of staying behind. You see when Moses forfeited his opportunity to take God's people over the river into the promised land, it was Joshua who was ready all because he knew the value of staying behind.

Ex 33:11 Thus the Lord used to speak to Moses face to face, just as a man speaks to his friend. When Moses returned to the camp, his servant Joshua, the son of Nun, a young man, would not depart from the tent. NASU

There is something about a person that marks them when they are willing to forego the crowd and stay behind, you know, go the extra mile. It affords them opportunities to make an impact in their sphere of influence.

When was the last time you decided to stay a little longer in the "tent of meeting?" Would you decide today that like Joshua, you will tarry in God's presence a little longer than the crowd?

As for me, "I'm going to hang back in the tent for a while. No, you go on ahead, I'll catch up with you later. I'm just going to stay in His presence a bit longer."

In the Tent,

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Shift Happens... On Purpose!

Shift Happens... On Purpose!
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When I was a mere 14 years of age my dad got the bright idea that he was going to teach me to drive his 1974 F150 Custom pick up. It was a three-on-the-tree standard... a frightening endeavor to say the least!

It's interesting to me how that experience mirrors my own spiritual journey, especially when it comes to going to new levels and growing in my faith.

For example to grow spiritually and get to the next level you need these things: Guidance, Timing, Power, and Experience.

Guidance. Isn't funny how we think we can somehow do it alone? We pride ourselves on our independence... our ability to go it alone. It's a good thing Dad was sitting in the passenger seat the first time I popped the clutch on that truck! In the same way, we need those who have gone before us to "show us the ropes" in this walk of faith.

Timing. You can't just start out in third gear! Trust me. I know... I tried! You have to go through the gears in the proper sequence. In the same way we can't skip any steps on the road to spiritual maturity. Are you trying to skip some steps in your faith experience right now? Go back to the proper gear! That may be why you're stalling out!

Power. You have to constantly be accelerating in order to shift to the next gear. When you are stagnant spiritually, you can't shift to the next gear without stalling your spiritual motor! I remember Dad saying, "Give it more gas!" Perhaps our Heavenly Dad is saying the same thing! So step on it! LOL!

Experience. Theory is great... to a degree! But at some point you have to get behind the wheel, turn the key and give it your best shot. So many Christians read endless books, go to conferences and listen to teaching tapes and CD's and yet they never get behind the wheel and step on the gas! They are stagnant, stalled out and set back.

So, let's get behind the wheel and take this baby for a spin! Yes, you might lurch and stall a bit, but keep trying, you'll get the hang of it!

Enjoying the Drive,Jimmy aka Pastor JMSCC AbileneLoving God - Loving People - Loving the World!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

New Every Morning!

New Every Morning! Current mood: Expectant! Category: Life

I love the fact that every morning I get a clean slate! No matter what the day before has brought my way, no matter how bad I have blown it and no matter what I thought, did or said, today is a new day! His grace is truly amazing!

I have spent a lot of time meeting with people through the years, most of whom are plagued by echoes of their past. Tapes that play the same old recordings of how ugly they are and how bad they messed up and how God could never really love them like He loves others.

What most believers have not come to understand is that every day is literally a NEW DAY! That's right! His mercies are new every morning according to Lam 3:23! Yes, new EVERY morning! When you woke up this morning, you got a fresh start and a clean slate as though He removed your mistakes (iniquity) as far as the East is from the West! That's pretty far! LOL!

So enjoy your brand new day, your brand new life and your brand new faith!

Contending for You!Jimmy aka Pastor J